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Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
who they want to vote for. >> there was a big surprise phone call to a volunteer at a local campaign office today. we'll tell you who was on the other end of the line coming up right here, 6:00 tonight. >>> it is the moments fans have been hoping for since the nats came back to washington. the team clinched the division championship last night and now the town is buzzing about what's next. now the story of a fan who has waited a long time for this. tom? >> reporter: whoever. as you guys have been reporting, it is kind of gray and kind of gloomy out here today. but that's just the weather. it is not the mood of the nats fans. >> the nats have won. >> reporter: just hours after the nats' first championship win monday night, fans in bethesda' tasty diner were serving up their own world series dreams. >> it is great. something special for d.c. >> reporter: by instand souvenir sports gear at modells. in this quiet alexandria law office, long suffering fan reese pearson is enjoying the home among his memorabilia. >> i love two last year during the earthquake. my wife and my 12-week-old son
Oct 1, 2012 5:09pm EDT
really junk. >>> neighbors and friends are mourning the loss of a local professor hit and killed while walking his dog. a car struck 65-year-old rhett leverett. he was a much-loved history professor at marymount university. police tell us the driver who hit him had a medical emergency and lost control. >>> with election day almost here, more and more campaign yard signs are springing up in northern virginia for both candidates. today romney volunteers said it's a visible sign of growing support for the gop. but obama supporters say what is important is the number of voters who turn out in november, not the number of signs. >>> the nats need one more victory to clinch the division title in the national league east. it would be the first time in 31 years the franchise has done that. first pitch, 7:05 tonight. now let's fast forward to the weather. veronica, how will they look out there? >> they're going to look a little wet. take that rain jacket heading out to the nats game this evening. a wed one. you'll need a little patience, too. it is a great one out there right now. we've go
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: local lawyer mark to with wie led the construction of the return to -- towie led the construction of the return to washington. >> construction financing has not been as available, but i'm told by a number of developers it's coming very quickly now in the next few years and by the way with, it, the all-star game. >> reporter: mark says by 2015 we could have the all-star game here. how are the nats going to do in the playoffs? >> i look for them to do exceedingly well. pitching trumps everything else and even without strasburg the nationals have some serious pitching. >> reporter: thanks a lot. thank you, young man. derek, back to you. >> reporter: let's talk a bit about the weather. on the way down here it was sunny and bright but not anymore. there are clouds rolling in and there is fear that rain could make it a little damp for the fans even if it doesn't stop the game. let's take it over to meteorologist topper shutt. is the weather going to hold off for us? >> i'm a little nervous. for the most part it's going to hold off i think. i would take a poncho or sweat shi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3